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This is the second in a series of posts we’re making to thank some of our special partners. We’d like to thank all of our donors for their generosity, and especially these stand-out supporters who have given above and beyond to our work and ministry. Thank you all!

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Ben Schmanke was one of the earliest supporters of our Firm Foundation series. He knew about it before just about anybody else and has been instrumental in shaping the goals of the series as well as the way the series has been perceived and accepted. Indeed, Schmanke Media was responsible for scripting, directing, and producing the very Kickstarter video that helped us reach our monumental goal of raising $10,000 in 30 days. We are so thankful to God for Ben—for all of the time he has donated to “The Project,” his creative talents, and for believing in our Firm Foundation series even before we did.

About Schmanke Media:

Schmanke Media is a video production and photography company dedicated to creating inspiring, compelling media for individuals, events, and corporations. With a commitment to personal service and strong competencies in all aspects of photography and video creation, Ben Schmanke and his team strive to capture their subject’s unique essence with a combination of time-tested and proprietary media creation techniques. Weddings, real estate, promotional, and more, let Schmanke Media capture and convey your moment and message.

Thank you for your generous support!

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I'm a Christian songwriter - not a Christian-song writer. I'd do anything for my Family. I love the outdoors, cooking, classic literature, rock climbing, beer, and live music. Persevering by faith for God's glory.

One thought on “Featured Supporter: Schmanke Media

  1. Hello!
    Would like to invite your organization to our 2015 event -Sustain-it Fest” . Six venues will include Heritage, a recording booth, music stage, much more that seems a great fit. My neighbors John amd Ainsley Gregor are involved with Restoration Project, I know Ben Schmanke’s family as well as have read coverage of your mission in the local press. This is a St Charles area event. May I send you our info packet?

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