Kids Hymns, Our New Album, Coming Soon!

Hi, everyone! It’s Jay here.

I’ve been thinking… (Uh oh.) I didn’t grow up in a church. Well, at least not a Protestant one that sings a lot of kids songs in Sunday School. Now that I’m a little older, I can’t really decide whether or not I feel like I missed out. Let’s all agree that many of the kids songs sung in Sunday School are just not there, theologically. Some, I would say, downright miss the point or might give kids the wrong impression about God, the Gospel, and the things in life that really matter. Some songs make some really desperate situations and topics into trivialities – like they’re no big deal.

We’d like to take the best kids hymns – all of the ones some of us never got the privilege of learning when we wer young – and remake them. Make ’em cool. We’d like to mostly preserve melodies – especially for those of you who know the songs – but we’ll probably change up rhythms and chords/harmonizations.

If you have a few to suggest that we include, why don’t you go ahead and contact us. Thanks!

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I'm a Christian songwriter - not a Christian-song writer. I'd do anything for my Family. I love the outdoors, cooking, classic literature, rock climbing, beer, and live music. Persevering by faith for God's glory.

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