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Giving During Advent

This season of giving, we are giving away CD copies of our Firm Foundation series recordings to our church family at Redeemer Fellowship in Saint Charles, IL. In 2013, Redeemer members helped us reach our goal to raise money to create a series of remade “kids hymns”. But these recordings aren’t just for kids!

Our recordings of these American folk hymns feature additional lyrics which explain the theological significance of the original words. Not only that, but these songs are produced in a modern pop-folk style that kids and adults alike love to listen to.

Thank you all for supporting our mission and work this Christmas season!

If you’d like to support our work further, especially the release of our 1689 recordings coming the Spring, consider purchasing an item from our web store or get in touch!

[Painting/Photo Credit: Richard Ernst Kepler. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Richard_Ernst_Kepler_-_Im_Lande_des_Christkinds.jpg]

Featured Supporter: Redeemer Fellowship

This is the first in a series of posts we’re making to thank some of our special partners. We’d like to thank all of our donors for their generosity, and especially these stand-out supporters who have given above and beyond to our work and ministry. Thank you all!



Redeemer Fellowship (Saint Charles, IL) is the church many of us call home, and we are so thankful for the support of its members and leadership. God has blessed us with not only their financial support, but their friendship, creative talents, business expertise, professional network, and community. We love you all.

From redeemerfellowship.org:

“Redeemer Fellowship is a gospel-centered church where we believe Christianity is better than a list of rules, and more than believing the right things. The Christian life is a life transformed by the gospel, experienced in community, and lived out for the glory of God and the good of our neighbors.”

A member of the the Acts 29 Network and the Southern Baptist Convention, Redeemer can be described as orthodox, evangelical, reformed, and baptist. But these only begin to describe who Redeemer is and hardly capture what makes this church unique. Joe Thorn and the rest of the elders and members have, by God’s grace, built a thriving community seeking to redeem culture to the glory of God—especially in the Fox Valley. At Redeemer, Christ is honored as its members (a good number of them creative professionals) seek to live out the gospel in all areas of life: at the table, from the pulpit, and in the public square.

Thank you for your generous support!