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An Open Letter to Our Mailing Listers

Never before have we posted content from our e-newsletters to our website publicly. Receiving private, exclusive content has always been a part of what keeps being on our mailing list special. For the first time ever, we’ve decided to publicly share one of our updates—not because we say anything “exclusive”, but because we feel what we have to say in it is very important. It’s about donating to our Kickstarter fundraiser, and we think you and just about everyone you know should have the chance to hear these new songs. Please read our letter, and we hope it stirs your heart to give out of the abundance you have been given by God, through his son, Jesus.

With Love,



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28 August 2013

We are now ten days out from the end of our 30-day Kickstarter fundraiser, and to date, we have raised a whopping $4,328 in just 20 days! What an incredible demonstration of God’s goodness to us! Our total goal, however, is $10,000, and if you’re familiar with Kickstarter.com, then you also know that we must meet or exceed our goal or we won’t receive any of the money pledged during our campaign.

Will you partner with us to reach this ambitious goal?

If you have not yet donated, but have been planning to, now is the time. Watch our Kickstarter video on our campaign page, here:


If you have already backed our campaign, also prayerfully consider increasing your donation.

Please also share the following link with friends, family, and neighbors who may be interested in pitching in. Skipping Starbucks three times gets you a digital copy of the first EP in our Firm Foundation series:


Just think: if everyone on this mailing list donated just $50 to our campaign, we’d easily hit our goal!

Finally, remember that mailing list members prior to the launch of our campaign have an exclusive opportunity to back our project at the $50 tier and receive a backers-only T-shirt otherwise reserved for backers at $75 or above. Just select the $50 reward when placing your donation.

Next, if you live in the Chicago area, please plan on coming out to Graham’s 318 Coffeehouse in Geneva, IL, for a hymn-sing fundraiser! Graham’s expressed great interest in hosting a fundraiser for us a few weeks ago, and it’s happening tomorrow night! 30% of the tab goes straight to our campaign! You’ll also be able to donate by cash or check, or by credit card. Details on our Facebook Event Page:



We’d also like to share with you some of the press we’ve been getting for our fundraising campaign:

The Daily Herald (Chicago’s largest suburban paper)

Kane County Chronicle

Thank you all so much for your support!

We truly look forward to what God will do through the remainder of this campaign and through the recordings we hope to create from it. Remember, Kickstarter is all or nothing. Donate today! Every bit helps.

Yours in Christ,

Jay Mathes
Restoration Project

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