Contact: Jay Mathes
Phone: 630-344-9029
Email: resproj [at] resproj [dot] com


Never thought of having a hymn-sing at your house? What about at your church or community center? If your church, college, or organization is interested in hosting a hymn-sing (solo or with the band), please contact us here: contact form. Make sure to include your name, email address, phone number, and location.

Here are just a few questions a lot of people have before deciding to host a concert:

1. We’ve never done this before! What do we need to host a successful event? It’s not as complicated as you might think. If you have just a few people willing to commit a few hours towards organizing the event, you don’t need anything else! We will help you out by providing you with a simple, detailed hosting guide; but just remember, if we gain just a single, new fan, the event was a success in our book. You can even host an event in your house!

2. How much does it cost to host a hymn-sing? Not too much, actually. Just keep in mind the obvious: more people costs more money. A solo/acoustic appearance fits just about any budget. If you don’t want to sell tickets (which is one way to recoup costs), you can sell treats and drinks, take donations, look into local sponsorships or partnering with another organization or church – or even a friend!

3. Who would come to lead, if we decided to host? Jay Mathes plays guitar and sings for most of the solo concerts, and he usually brings at least two others from the ResProj team for band-led events.

4. Are there any places you won’t play? Nope. Not really. Clubs, theaters, coffeehouses, churches, living rooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, basements, halls, classrooms…

5. How can I get you to lead a hymn-sing at my college? Your first step should be to call your student activities office. Ask them how they book concerts. A second angle might be to contact the leadership of the campus ministry you’re involved in. Ask about organizing a hymn-sing outreach event. A third idea is to bring it up to your R.A. See about hosting an event for your dorm or house floor.

6. Have an unanswered question? Fill out the contact form on the website.