Of Matters Concerning Truth (and One, Peculiarly Large Heart)

Song Info

Words and music by: Jay Mathes
Copyright 2007 Swiftly Running Music
Album: Hail the Cross, Our Only Hope
CCLI#: 5105500

Written for a sermon series on postmodernism preached by Russell Davis of New Community Church, Spokane, WA.

Some may say
“It’s all relative”
Some may say
“It’s not true”
But we know
Life’s not meaningless
Our Father said:

I’ll put my laws on your heart
I’ll write them on your mind
Your lawless deeds I reconcile
I’ll sprinkle clean your conscience
I’ll wash your bodies white
Draw near, hold fast, consider how

Comes for those He calls
Once for all
Sins paid full
This we know
Christ sends us to say
“Our Father said,”:

We gather
Spurring love and deeds
Uniting hearts in Thee
“We’re the normal ones”
Our Father said:

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