Disciple Song

Song Info

Words and music by: Jay Mathes
Copyright 2007 Swiftly Running Music
Album: Hail the Cross, Our Only Hope
Based on Galatians 2:15-21
CCLI#: 6002602

To be crucified with Christ
No longer shall I live
But it’s you living in me
I have counted all the costs
I am ready to jump in
With all I am
Lead me to the well

Is it different to
Be a disciple
Than it is to
Be a Christian
Can you believe in
The message with-
Out the living out
Of its wisdom?

It’s the litmus test of faith
That we live what we believe
Emanate love
And love to obey

Planting roots to persevere
Our calling is clear
But in Christ
You shall abide

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