Christ is Meaning

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Words and music by: Jay Mathes
Copyright 2005 Swiftly Running Music
Album: Hail the Cross, Our Only Hope
CCLI#: 5105421

Written for a sermon series on Ecclesiastes preached by Doug O’Donnell, while Senior Pastor of New Covenant Church, Naperville, IL.

Christ is the meaning of all that we are.
“Vanity of vanities” is life without the Lord
The end of the matter, all has been heard
Fear God and keep His commandments.

The Preacher says:
What has been done is what will be
What’s done will be done
There is nothing here
Under the sun.

The Preacher says:
There is nothing better
Than to eat and to drink
Take pleasure in your toil
For that is your gift.

The Preacher says:
All are from the dust and
To dust all Return
Everything has a season
And God, man can’t learn.

For this is the whole duty of mankind
God will bring every deed before the throne of life
With everything secret
All will be heard
Glory to Christ, He is meaning.

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