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Free Music on Noisetrade!

This holiday season, we have decided to give away our Firm Foundation series recordings on


Why? And why now? Firm Foundation represents our very best work; and today we offer it up as an act of thankfulness to God for all that he has done for us through Jesus. And we thank God for you, our supporters, too. This is our greatest gift—but the best Christmas Gift—Jesus himself—is far greater.

Please share our music with your friends and family this season; and consider purchasing a poster, t-shirt, or book from our website:

We think our music and mission can impact our generation; and we can only do this together by sharing it with others. Be musicianaries with us! Be our music ambassadors.

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Idiot Pull to Print Special Edition Posters

idiot pull logo small

Today we’re happy to announce that our new friend, Tyler Deal, of Idiot Pull, has agreed to hand-screen print a limited run of Bare & Hatchet-designed Restoration Project posters! These very limited edition single-pull prints will feature a design very similar to the pledgers-only tees offered for our Kickstarter campaign. These 12″x18″ single-color ink art prints will be pulled on beautiful French Paper Company paper, right here in Chicago. (You know how we love to keep things local.) And, we’re only printing 50. Each poster will be hand-numbered, signed, and stamped for authenticity.

Please check out Tyler’s work at Idiot Pull today! He’s one of the finest screen printers we’ve ever seen, and we’re happy to have his support. Posters will be available at our hymn-sings beginning with our official Firm Foundation Volume 1 release coming up in February. You’ll also be able to order them here, in our webstore very soon.