$7,000! Three Days Remain!

In 27 days, you all have helped raise over $7,000 for Restoration Project’s Firm Foundation remade Sunday School songs EP series. Thank you! We have just three days left to raise the remaining $3,000, and I believe we will. Donate today.

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Please also check out Steve McCoy’s blog post and contest about ResProj, promoting our campaign. Steve’s a good guy, pastor of Doxa Fellowship in Woodstock, IL, and an inspiration to us all when it comes to living as a faithful man of God through good times and bad:


Last thing:

Come to our hymn-sing this Saturday, 9/7, in Wheaton! It’s the last one of our Kickstarter campaign, and you should be there to celebrate it’s completion and reaching our funding goal of $10,000! What!?!?! You say. Aren’t we only at $7k+ right now? Yep. Remember: three. days. left.

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I'm a Christian songwriter - not a Christian-song writer. I'd do anything for my Family. I love the outdoors, cooking, classic literature, rock climbing, beer, and live music. Persevering by faith for God's glory.

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