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Over this whole frantically-raising-money-in-30-days-via-Kickstarter thing, we’ve had a few, recent opportunities to revisit why we do what we do as a music collective. We’ve realized that we truly are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. The “New Hymns Movement,” as some call it, is about bringing back to life long-forgotten hymn-texts.

This morning, we thought we would share with you a few of the resources we’ve found over the last few weeks; and if learning more about this grass-roots explosion is of interest to you, we hope these posts are encouraging and informative: – songwriter, pastor writes a very succinct and eloquent history of the bigger hymns picture. – Bruce Benedict is a founder of Cardiphonia, an organization that supports new hymns groups, creates compilations, and more. – A sweet video of some of the big voices of this movement. – It’s hard to find, but this page from the online version of Kevin Twit’s Indelible Grace hymnbook is a gem. Kevin has done a nice job putting together these resources (and writing many of them!).

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