What is a Hymn-Sing?

We’ve been asked a lot “What is a hymn-sing”? The answer is very simple: a hymn-sing is an event where Christians gather together to fellowship, sing, and bear witness to Jesus in their communities. There’s always great food, too.

But we’ve also been asked a lot, “Where does the hymn-sing tradition come from?” This is a much more difficult question to answer.

In the Bible’s New Testament, especially in the book of Acts, we see Jesus’ Apostles gather together regularly to eat, fellowship, encourage one another, and, presumably, to sing. In Ephesians 5:19-20, we’re commanded to gather and sing songs – to God and to each other.

What has always come to my mind when I think of the term “hymn-sing” is a “revival meeting” of the mid- to late-1800’s (but without all of the negative baggage that comes with the term). We want Christians to be inspired to love and honor God; and we want those outside the family of faith to witness a glimpse of the joy we find only in Jesus.

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