Reaching Out, Updating Dropbox

Two, big things:

1. We’re looking for somebody to mix the first EP in our Firm Foundation series. (If you haven’t heard, FF is a collection of children’s Sunday School songs, with supplemental lyrics to help fill out the theology of each song. We’re adding new melody sections with these new lyrics while preserving the original melodies.)

Do you know a mix engineer?

You can have them email us (visit our contact page) or get in touch on Facebook  or Twitter.

2. One of this week’s big tasks is to update our shared Dropbox folder so that it’s easier to navigate and find new, uploaded media. We will be sifting through our entire collection of photos and videos of the Firm Foundation recording sessions so far and posting everything, sorted into folders by date. We also hope to have several different ways to sort through, and listen to, all of the archived recordings and rough mixes of the sessions.

For those of you who have donated to fund Firm Foundation, we hope you all will enjoy checking that stuff out! And if you haven’t donated yet, visit our Store page…

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I'm a Christian songwriter - not a Christian-song writer. I'd do anything for my Family. I love the outdoors, cooking, classic literature, rock climbing, beer, and live music. Persevering by faith for God's glory.

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