What We Believe

We’ve been thinking a lot about why we do what we do as a hymn-writing and hymn-singing group. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

We believe that the public singing of hymns is one of the greatest displays of God’s glory in our world – today and throughout history.

We believe that hymns are an invaluable resource to the modern church.

We believe that singing the hymns of old is an important part of preserving, teaching, and remembering our Christian heritage.

We believe that we have a solemn responsibility and privilege to continue the work of the hymn-writing saints who have gone before us.

About Jay Mathes

I'm a Christian songwriter - not a Christian-song writer. I'd do anything for my Family. I love the outdoors, cooking, classic literature, rock climbing, beer, and live music. Persevering by faith for God's glory.

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